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At GTS we use quality brand tyres. We can choose the best tyre for your depending on the size of your vehicle and the tyre size your vehicle requires. We'll analyse your tyres' Section Width, Aspect Ratio, Rim diameter, Load rating and speed rating.

All of your tyres meet safety standards of the UK, we would recommend a quality tyre as it will last on the road more and take more miles, it will also ensure you have a positive driving experience.


Continental, GTS Tyres Belfast

Continental is a German brand which has excellent reputation across the world. Continental tyres can be quite expensive but it can last longer, with a good dry grip and good wet grip.

Good Year

Good Year is quite expensive, however it is a quality brand and is the largest tyre makers in the world. It is a parent company of Dunlop. Good Year tyres has a good grasp of dry and wet grip, it is good to handle and slow to wear down.

Good Year, GTS Tyres Belfast


Hankook, GTS Tyres Belfast

Hankook is a South Korean brand. It is the fastest growing tyre manufacturers for innovation and high performing tyres. It is reasonably priced and have a wide range of driving styles, performing well on the road.


Michelin is a competitor to Bridgestone and Goodyear. Michelin is sold worldwide and in an expensive price range. This brand provide excellent grip that can be easily handled. The brand has been reviewed highly with good wet grip along with a brilliant dry grip.

Michelin, GTS Tyres Belfast


bridgestone, GTS Tyres Belfast

Bridgestone is less renowned economy brands, although it is expensive they provide a great dry grip and a good quality of wet grip, good in wet weather.


Dunlop has been used in many motosport events, its factory produces vintage, motorcycle and touring car tyres. It is high performing and has positive reviews worldwide.

dunlop, GTS Tyres Belfast


Good Year, GTS Tyres Belfast

A Italian own business, Pirelli provides a vast range of tyres for all conditions and uses. Its brands suits every driver's needs and preferences.

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