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GTS Tyres are experts in installation and repair of a wide range of car tyres. Whether you are looking for fitting of new tyres or for complete wheel balancing, simply get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist you. We are located in Belfast. Does your car require a new set of tyres?

GTS Tyres can repair or replace car tyres quickly and efficiently.

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Wheel Balance

Wheel Balance is a very important element of any vehicles. When you're on the road, you should not have to feel wobbly. A good wheel balance is having the weight of the wheel and tyre is even around the axle.

You'd know your car is unbalanced when you notice uneven wear of your tyres, you can also feel a wobbly vibration on the road when traveling over 40mph.

If your wheel balance is off it can create a multiple of problems

  • If you create enough speed it can cause serious vibrations to your car which creates a wobble.
  • It can put stress in the bearings of the wheel and the car's suspension system.
  • The tyres can get too heated and worn unevenly.
  • It puts uneven pressure on the treads.

MOT (Ministry of Transport)

By law when you have a vehicle on the road it is mandatory to have a certified MOT, meaning your vehicle needs to pass its MOT test. To pass a MOT test you must make sure your vehicle demonstrate it is safe to use on the road.

Many people do have the adequate knowledge about cars or other motoring vehicles. This is where GTS tyres comes in for the rescue! Our dedicated staffs have a wide knowledge base and will check to make sure you pass the compulsory MOT test and get you on the road securely.


Our facility and staff are experienced in PSV Washing from cars, lorries and motorbikes. We'll ensure to wash your car from top to bottom, from the underbody to the roof, we'll make sure it is perked up for MOT and PSV.

Full Valet

Our valeting services is reasonably priced, we'll hand wash your car from interior to exterior. We'll ensure your wheels are polished, dashboard wiped and dry, vacuum your seats and floors, cleaning your headlights etc, by the time we finished your car will look good as new!

Headlight Alignment

Your headlights are very important when it comes to road safety and you'll feel more comfortable as well. As your car age and used it can affect the aim of the lights, which can reduce your vision of the road when drive. You should always make you can see enough of the road when driving.

If your headlights are not aligned, we can certainly fix that for you in no time.

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